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Colorful Assortment of Plastic Panel Tags

Choosing the Right Material

Are you an electrician in need of labels for a control room in a hotel? Are you a construction worker putting up emergency exit maps next to elevators? Will your sign need to be able to last in the Arizona heat? Of course, we’ve got every material under the sun, but in order to choose the best fit tag, you must survey the situation.

For all you veteran electricians, contractors, and industrial workers, you already know what panel tags to order. But for all of you that are new to the job, let us help!

What Material Goes Where?

While we can make you weatherproof stickers that could be used for heavy-duty labeling, their durability does not compare to panel tags. The most common panel tags we use are tough plastic ones that we engrave using our rotary engraving machines. From purple to yellow to red to black, these are perfect for labeling control rooms and electrical boxes.

Looking for clean and elegant looking tags to match a high-end apartment building? We have reverse engraved tags. We create reverse engraved tags by engraving the text backwards on the back of a tag with a colored back but clear front. Then, the text is color-filled resulting in a tag that looks like it has a clear plastic covering. This also prevents the color fill from wearing out as easily since it is engraved on the side that is mounted to a surface.

Brushed Aluminum Engraved Tag

Brushed aluminum tags carry a more expensive and sturdy look compared to regular plastic tags. Only the top layer of the material is brushed aluminum and so the overall sturdiness between the two are fairly similar. These make great door name labels and name tags.

Colorful Signage

For signs that are a lot larger than your average 3x1, there are some other options that can better fit your needs. Because the tags come in large sheets of plastic, we can use or rotary machines to engrave large signs. If you want an image, for example, a colored logo, we can color print or sublimate the sign for you. We use special printing paper and sublimation plastic that transfers when they are heat pressed together. This would be great for caution signs that may require multiple colors and figurines of a person.

Color Danger Sign Mounted On Electrical Tower

We also have our color UV printer which can color print on pretty much any hard surface. Let’s say you want your logo on a brushed aluminum name tag. We can color print right on top of the brushed aluminum and engrave your name using the rotary. If you want, the even the name can be color printed.

Most of the panel tag plastic that we order comes in one color and engraves white. Sometimes, if specific colors are needed, we spend time color-filling each individual tag by hand.

Red Danger Sign on Fence


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