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Electrical fires are a reality. They can cause injuries, destruction of equipment and belongings, or worse --- and not having proper engraved labels for electrical equipment can do that.

As long as those present in a building are made aware of electrical safety tips, then electricity remains a benefit rather than a hazard. The problem sometimes lies on the homeowner’s lack of basic knowledge about the potential hazards of electricity.

In fact, many individuals get the shock of their lives (no pun intended) once they suffer from negligence in handling electrical equipment right in their own homes.

The same goes for companies. An employee handling electrical equipment without the necessary labels is in for a surprise of their lives.

There are ways to be extra cautious in residential and business buildings.

Electricity is everywhere in a residential and business building. Apartment owners need it for appliances and daily living rituals, and businesses are dependent on it for company operations and addressing clients' needs.

Note the following suggestions regarding the avoidance of electrical fires and problems:

  • Many needs such as hairdryers, portable heaters, printers, etc. use electricity. Some use more power than other equipment, yet all can be equally hazardous.

Avoid excessive usage or overheating of appliances and unplug them after usage.

Unplugging some products such as a business' printer may not be a timely solution during the business day, yet the printer can be unplugged at the close of the day.

  • Older buildings can be more prone to electrical fires due to the deterioration of wires and associated elements.

It is important to have professionals inspect the wiring of the building. If there is a closely imminent need for repair or complete restoration, it is strongly suggested not to wait.

Electrical components usually do not have a life expectancy similar to that of a building's structure.

  • Check your smoke detectors regularly.

Make it a common occurrence to check they are working properly on a weekly basis. This task can be performed by anyone within the apartment.

There are a number of things that can go wrong with the grounding system that can put you and your family at risk. You will want to know what your electrician should be looking for so you can make sure you sell your property safely.

If you are going to spend the money on an inspection, then please hire a good inspector. It is not worth it to save a few bucks and have him miss something that may pose a danger to your family.

The following are a few of the most important elements that they should be looking for when inspecting the property you are interested in purchasing. The grounding rods need to be present and properly attached.

There should be at least one exterior grounding rod extending above the soil. An approved connector should use a screw to clamp the grounding wire to the grounding rod.

Look for corrosion at this location. An incorrect clamp will rust and the ground wire will lose its conductivity to the ground.

Even if the system is grounded at the water supply, you should still have a grounding rod attached to the electrical system.


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