Phenolic Labels Can Help Save Lives Too

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Employees are susceptible to electrical hazards who work near energized equipments, and without the proper phenolic labels for electrical pieces.

Naturally, these electrical pieces of equipment pose electrical risks such as electrical shock, any injury caused due to interaction with electricity or faulty and worse, death.

This is why electrical labels are also important --- they serve as a warning to people who are exposed to electrical equipments with high voltages.

Most common injuries occur due to faulty equipment. Serious injuries do occur mostly due to faulty equipment when non-energized equipment becomes energized, causing arc flash blasts, and causing serious burns that may be fatal.

Managing Electrical Risks
The management of electrical risks mainly falls under the business and facility owner. It is the owner's responsibility to ensure all possible safety measures are taken to conduct electrical work in a proper manner.

The person is not only responsible for all work safety measures as prescribed by OSHA but to make sure all electrical equipment is safe to use.

The person is also bound to take an undertaking that involves people working near energized equipment are in a safe work environment.

How Can Electrical Risks Be Prevented?
It is important that workers working near energized and electrical gears and tools know the details and how-tos of working on the gears and machinery and are trained to operate them properly. 

The people who design electrical distribution systems on a larger measure should be qualified enough to design equipment that is safe for use complying with OSHA guidelines.

The manufacturers must ensure that it is safe to use through testing and analyzing the before sending it out for sale.

The suppliers of electrical materials need to ensure that the electrical equipments they supply are electrically safe, has the appropriate manuals, with proper labels and guidelines with it before delivering it to the designated person.

The companies that use electrical equipment must ensure that all electrical equipment falls under and fulfills all the terms, conditions and regulations of safety rules and regulations set by OSHA for those working near energized equipment.

Workers must ensure self-safety by using appropriate safety gear at all times to avoid any adverse incidents that may otherwise occur. They must also comply with all the safety instructions and regulations set by the law and also strictly follow the procedure to use electrical equipment at the workplace.

Also, it is important to ensure that electrical equipment is installed by qualified electrical engineers who know the practical details of working on energized equipment.

Many electrical engineering solution companies provide qualified electrical engineers who have the experience to work with energized equipment and ensure top quality installation and running of the electrical equipment.

Electrical risks cannot be avoided at all times, but proper installation by a qualified electrical engineer can ensure maximum work safety for all workers.

The highly growing demand for industrial production and the increasing consumption of electricity in commercial facilities are also raising the risks of electrical hazards in workplaces.

Ignoring a minor power element in a workplace could result in disastrous consequences and might also result in a permanent shut down of a business.


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