Choose The Right Sign Plate For The Workplace

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Fire prevention is the job of everyone, and all should be aware of things that typically cause fires so they can relay any issues and have them corrected immediately. That said, having the right sign plate as a label and warning signs at the workplace can tremendously help.

What to Do in Case of Fire
It's also important that employees have an idea of what to do in case a fire does happen. Make clear the following: 

  • The company's emergency procedures and each employee's role.
  • How to sound the alarm.
  • Where the designated assembly area is once employees exit the building.
  • Steps to using a portable extinguisher and how often fire extinguisher testing is required.
  • How to pick the best extinguisher for the type of fire.

Reduce Clutter
Chances are one that has experienced a fire at some point in their lives whether directly, through a friend or family member, or via a business nearby suffering fire damages. 

With proper workplace housekeeping that includes getting rid of clutter, one can prevent many of the factors that contribute to include improper fuel storage, blocking exits, and lack of proper emergency equipment.

Never block anything used to tame fires to include extinguishers, sprinklers, firefighting equipment. Remember to take note of clearances if stacking materials.

Place any oily rags inside a covered container made of metal. Properly disposing of this type of waste will definitely keep the workplace safe. This is most common in garages or machinists' spaces.

Proper Maintenance
Maintaining machinery will prevent dangerous sparks from friction and overheating that can contribute to fire. Report any hazards involving electricity. Bad wiring and equipment that is malfunctioning can be fire starters.

 Only qualified individuals should make repairs. There are special extinguishers for electrical fires and other types. Once installed, fire extinguisher testing is important on a regular basis.

Electrical Panel Access
In addition to having the proper fire extinguisher and testing performed, easy access to all electrical control panels is important. Store nothing in front of these panels that would prevent fast access. Power should be able to be shut down in an emergency.

Chemical Storage
Safe chemical storage is important, and one can learn how to properly store each type by checking the material safety sheet or labeling. This will report flammability and other potential hazards in relation to fire. Ventilation is also an important factor when chemicals are present.

Explosive atmospheres encourage the ignition of fires. It's important that proper tools are used in the areas where these chemicals or liquids are stored.

Prevent Arson
Keeping a business securely locked and having CCTV to address suspicious activity or people around the building is a smart move. It's also important to avoid any clutter outside the building, as it can be set on fire.

Teach All Employees to Use a Fire Extinguisher
Begin by hanging emergency telephone numbers with the address of the business right by the telephone. Insist all employees learn to properly use an extinguisher.

It's not just a point and spray process. Many companies offer training that's affordable and effective. These same companies offer fire extinguisher testing, which is also an important step.


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